In Defense of Girls on the Grill

My name is Karoline, and when the weather is nice I like to cook food on the grill.  However, some people have a problem with that.  Namely my guy friends.  They seem to think that for some reason that–because I’m a female, I’m no good on the grill.

Watch out, boys!

Whenever I’m at school and a friend wants to have a cookout, I all too often hear the traditional wisdom that “women belong in the kitchen”.  When I attempt to rationalize with them that by grilling they are in fact cooking (surely a woman’s job, no?), they just say that the grill is a man’s territory.  I think it has something to do with them getting to play with meat and fire.

But, to all you boys who have shaken their heads at me or scoffed in disbelief that I’d be good at the grill, I’m here to defend myself.  I’ve been grilling since I was 12.  My dad was tired of doing it on his own, so he recruited his oldest child (me) to help.  I was interested in learning about cooking, so I jumped at the chance.  I’ve been obsessed with grilling ever since.

My dad was a great teacher, and taught me all the basics of making the coals extra-hot and how to not completely burn food.  But eventually, I picked up my own sense of when something was exactly right and how to eyeball and estimate whether or not it was done.  Today, my dad will tell anyone that I’m the superior grill-master in the family.

And, I don’t stop at your standard burgers and hot dogs, either.  I’ve grilled everything from stake tips, lamb chops, and swordfish to corn on the cob and even pineapple!  There’s something about the smoky flavor and juiciness that you don’t get anywhere else.  My medium of choice and preference is charcoal, but if I absolutely have to, I’ll sing it on a gas grill.

My absolute favorite thing to grill (and probably my best tasting, too) is lemon chicken.  My mom makes an amazing marinade, and lets the chicken sit in the fridge for a few days (we recently let one batch marinate for a week…whoops!), then I grill it up.  It’s one of my absolute favorite foods, and it’s become a summer staple in my house.

Best chicken on earth!

So, boys, next time you think us girls aren’t up to par on your “guy stuff”….you might want to, you know, give us a chance.  We might just be better at it than you.

What’s your favorite thing to grill up in the summer?  Do you have any hidden talents?

xoxo, Karoline

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