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So, my external hard drive crashed. I’m trying not to panic.

Earlier in the year, I found myself running out of disk space on my computer. The culprit? The double-whammy of my massive iTunes library (the combined libraries of my whole family, plus me), and 5-ish years of me taking pictures of everything. I seriously had over 20,000 pictures. Of course I was running out of space.

The logical solution (or so I thought…) was to buy a portable hard drive. So, I went to the Apple store and picked out a half-terrabyte disk that I thought would be fairly portable and durable. So, I transferred my music and photo libraries and went on with my life. Around 8 months later, the drive crashes.

Currently, it’s all I can do to think about it and not panic.

...this is me trying not to panic.

Safe to say I’ve been taught a VERY hard lesson. I should have kept back-ups of both of these things, but didn’t. I know, I know, stupid Karoline.

Fortunately for me, my dad is kind of skilled at computer surgery. He’s working on fixing the problem, or at least trying to recover the data on the disk. At this point, I don’t even care if the drive works anymore, I just want the information that was on the disk back. It’s my whole music library!!!

Some of my dad's handiwork...

Does anyone out there know of any inexpensive data recovery methods? Help!

xoxo, Karoline

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  1. Sorry for your loss! Unfortunately, it takes situations like these to get people to actually make back-ups… that’s what it took for me. I even have redundant back-ups now (multiple external drives).

    In terms of inexpensive data recovery, all I know are good free ones for if it’s a software issue, not a total hardware failure.

  2. Not sure about Apple external hard drive but i had a western digital and the card in the case fried but the hard drive itself still worked and was able to just get a new casing


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