World Prematurity Day!

At the beginning of the month, I posted about the March of Dimes and how November is prematurity awareness month.  I shared my story as a preemie and how I had to fight for my life at such a young age.  Well, there are millions of babies out there who have had to go through similar ordeals.  Today, we celebrate them in hopes that some day soon, all babies will be born healthy and full-term.

I was born 10 and a half weeks early.  Considering that the average pregnancy lasts 38 to 40 weeks, that’s a pretty scary thought.  I know that it was a really hard time for my parents and extended family.  Lots of prayers were being said.  But, fast-forward, and here I am!  A happy, healthy, normal 20-year-old.  And I have the same hope for all the other little preemies of the world.

Me and my mom

The Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Brigham and Women's where I stayed for over a month

That pacifier is as big as my face!

Later today, I’ll be working on a preemie post with fellow Prep Crew blogger, Chadsey!  We were both preemies, so we’ll be spreading awareness there, too.  My post and Chadsey’s post!

Have you hugged a preemie lately?

xoxo, Karoline

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  1. E-hug to you! I hugged my preemies today. <3

  1. Bloggers Unite around World Prematurity Day | Health Access

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