Try again.

Today’s quote is a reminder to never give up, and just try again when you don’t succeed in something right away.  I will be taking this one to heart today, because I’m having my first driving lesson in four years.  Yes, you read that correctly…driving lesson…as in I can’t drive.  I tried a couple of times in high school right after I turned 16, but gave up when I realized that I really don’t like driving.  However, my friends and family are really urging me to get a license now, so tonight one of my friends is giving me my first lesson in a loooong time.  It should be interesting to say the least!

Today’s happiness: I’m going out for sushi for dinner tonight! Also, it’s in the 50’s and sunny! Flip-flop weather!

On my mind: I’m trying to not freak out too much about driving…it’s a standard, too.

What are some things you’ve re-tried after a long break?

xoxo, Karoline

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