Cinema, movies, and magic.

I chose today’s quote in honor of the 84th annual Academy Awards, which will take place tonight in Hollywood.  The Oscars have been one of my favorite nights of the year since I was a little girl because my mother introduced me to her love of the red carpet and awards shows at a very young age.  Also, I’ve always been a movie lover, so to have one night celebrating the best in cinema is a real treat.  The quote today is from legendary director, Francis Ford Coppola.  I couldn’t agree more that magic is closely incorporated with cinema and the movies.  Watching them is an escape and you’re transported to whatever world you’re watching on the screen.

Every year, my mom and I make ballots and pick who we think will win all of the categories.  This is all very serious business.  We do research on the nominees, try and see as many nominated films as possible (she has seen 7/10 nominated for Best Picture, I’ve seen 6/10), and generally turn into movie geeks the week before the Oscars.  Here are some of the picks I have made so far (as of noon on Oscar Sunday I still haven’t completed my ballot):

  • Best Actor: Jean Dujardin, ‘The Artist’.  I was torn between picking Jean and my personal favorite in the category, George Clooney.  I haven’t yet seen ‘The Artist’, but it’s definitely on my list.  I think it’s incredible that they can still make a silent film with that much acclaim!  Also, if you’re not using words, your acting has to be spectacular.  And, let’s not forget a basic fact: the Academy loves the French.
  • Best Actress: I really, really, really wanted to pick Glenn Close for ‘Albert Nobbs’, because I think that she has a really good dark horse shot, but alas I haven’t seen the film and can’t make a sound judgement.  I picked Viola Davis from ‘The Help’ because I felt that her portrayal of Abilene was so strong and so convincing.
  • Best Supporting Actor: Although I haven’t seen ‘Beginners’ yet, I picked Christopher Plummer for a couple of reasons.  1. I really want to see the film and I think that it has a clever plot line.  And 2. I just downright love Christopher Plummer.  He can do no wrong in my eyes.  Hopefully the Academy agrees with me!  Side note: who ever thought we’d see the day when Christopher Plummer is going against Jonah Hill for the same Oscar?!
  • Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer, ‘The Help’.  I picked Octavia for her portrayal of Minnie for one reason and one reason only.  If you’ve read or seen ‘The Help’, you’ll know what I mean :)
  • Fashion Predictions:  A big part of the Oscars every year is the fashion.  As much as I love the show itself, I almost like the red carpet even more.  There’s so much glamour, so many beautiful gowns, and also so much potential for spectacular fashion flops.  My prediction, since “Tangerine Tango” is the color of the year, is that orangey-red will be a big color tonight, as will other bright hues.  I also think that purple will be having a big moment.  As for silhouettes of dresses, as much as I like a classic cut, I think mermaid dresses will be in this year, as will deep cut necklines and body-hugging ensembles. I think that red carpet goers will be a bit more daring this year, because fashions have been very interesting in the last few seasons…think materials like velvet or feathers.  My predictions for best dressed?  Viola Davis, Jessica Chastain, Emma Stone (didn’t realize I was basically including the whole cast of ‘The Help’…whoops), Sandra Bullock, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Miss Piggy (gotta show some Muppet love!).

Who have you picked to win tonight at the Oscars? Any fashion predictions? Leave it in the comments!

xoxo, Karoline

PS. Sorry I haven’t posted the last two days, I came home for the weekend because I’m sick :(  I’m trying my best to feel better though, so hopefully things will be looking up before this next week starts up!
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