BSU Blogfest: Community

This week is Bridgewater State University’s social media week!  It’s a week dedicated to getting students involved and connected with social media and also includes Blog Fest, where all of the bloggers on campus unite and write on a certain theme everyday.  Today’s prompt is ”community”.

Over the last three years I’ve spent here at BSU, I’ve found many different kinds of communities.  As I blogged about in last year’s blogfest, the first community I experienced here at BSU was in my freshman dorm.  I’ve also found communities in shared interests, classes, and student groups.  There are a multitude of ways I’ve come to connect and share experiences with the BSU community.

During my freshman and sophomore years, I was really involved in filmmaking and student films on campus.  I was a member of the Bridgewater Video Film Association, and a lot of the people in that group were my closest friends here at school.  I’ve also found communities in my classes.  Once you matriculate into your major, you find yourself taking a lot of classes with a lot of the same people.  Obviously, bonds are formed and you form friendships and workgroups to help each other.

However, I think the most interesting community I’ve found here at BSU is the students as a whole.  This year, I attended the rally that was held after a student was attacked for expressing her views on gay marriage in the student newspaper.  It was so incredible to see over 200 students come together in a show of love and support.  I have never been so proud than at that moment to call myself a Bridgewater student.

What are some of the ways you’ve witnessed community here at Bridgewater State?

xoxo, Karoline

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