BSU Blogfest: Lessons Learned

This week is Bridgewater State University’s social media week!  It’s a week dedicated to getting students involved and connected with social media and also includes Blog Fest, where all of the bloggers on campus unite and write on a certain theme everyday.  Today’s prompt is ”lessons learned”.

I honestly wish I could say that I’ve had a specific learning moment that changed my life.  Or that I’ve had a professor thats impacted my life more than others.  I haven’t.  One of the cool things I’ve found in college, however, is that much of the learning is done outside of the classroom.

You need to learn time management, people skills, and all sorts of other things to help you in life.  I honestly think that the lessons I’ve learned from my friends and peers will last with me longer than the lessons I’ve picked up in the classroom.

When I was a freshman and sophomore here at Bridgewater, a lot of my friends were older than me.  They helped to show me the ropes and make sure I didn’t make any major freshman mistakes.  Now that I’m a junior, I have several friends who are younger than me and I help to pass on that same upperclassman wisdom.  It’s an interesting cycle that brings people together and helps both newcomers and seasoned BSU students.  I think it’s this kind of learning that’s been most important to me in my time here.

Sure I’ve learned some amazing things in my classes, but I definitely wouldn’t trade them for the amazing things I’ve learned and memories I’ve made with my friends.

What are some of the most impactful lessons you’ve learned in your time at Bridgewater?

xoxo, Karoline

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