Some Instagram shots from the week

As readers of this blog and my twitter followers know, I’m downright obsessed with Instagram. I love the app because it lets me customize and get artsy with my iPhone pictures. It makes me feel like a photographer. This week I took a few pictures that I thought came out pretty cool.

I noticed this marker on the sidewalk in Bridgewater and had to stop to take a picture of it. I thought it was an interesting thing to find while I was on my walk around town center. I think it’s so cool that Bridgewater was founded as a town only 36 years after the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth.

This next picture is of Boyden Hall, the big landmark building on the BSU campus. I really liked the way the light was coming through the trees and the Boyden facade in the background. It was such a gorgeous evening on Sunday when I went for a walk.

This picture was also from my walk on Sunday. Once again, I liked the way the light was coming through the trees and I really liked the old-timey feel of the West Campus light post. I love the definition of the branches in this photo!

This last picture is from Thursday when I visited my dad at his office. I am of the opinion that he has the best view of Merrimack Street and downtown Lowell. This is what he gets to look at every day! Pretty cool if you ask me.

Are any of you as obsessed with Instagram as I am? Share in the comments!

xoxo, Karoline

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  1. the first picture is AWESOME! You have such a gorgeous campus! :) I am WAAAY too obsessed with Instagram! haha :)

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