Instagram shots of the week!

Last week I put up a post with my favorite Instagram pictures from the week.  I think it’s something I’m going to start doing regularly since I like the way it turned out the 1st time.

I went to the Cape this week, and of course I went to the beach! These are some of the dunes on Mayflower Beach in Dennis.

This is the Judah Baker Windmill in Yarmouth. It’s this really cool old windmill that overlooks the water. My boyfriend was telling me that this is where he would go and bring his lunch when he was in high school.

Also from my trip to the Cape, this is the harbor in Harwichport. There’s this grassy area right on the side of the road, and from what I hear it’s one of the best views on the whole Cape!

This is a building that I saw in Brookline, MA and just had to stop and take a picture of it! I thought it was a beautiful building with interesting architecture. It must be so cool to live there!

Of course I had to document my mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies! She was making them on Saturday, and I couldn’t help but take a picture of them.  And the answer is yes…they do ease just as good as they look!

Are you as obsessed with Instagram as I am? Leave your username in the comments! Mine is karolinez :)

xoxo, Karoline

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  1. I may have to steal this idea from you!! :) I am also extremely jealous I have always wanted to go to the Cape! So gorgeous!!!

    • You totally can! :)

      I had never been to the cape until earlier this spring…it’s where my bf lives so it’s going to be super fun to visit this summer!

  2. I really love all your photos! That windmill is beautiful and what a great view of that harbor! Those cookies look sooo delicious, are you posting that recipe? haha (no really!)

    • Thanks! I’m glad you like them!! :D

      Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure the recipe is a secret. I will tell you though…the secret is adding chocolate chunks and chocolate chips! The double chocolate makes them soooo much better!


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