A new project: gardening with my mom


In the weeks since I’ve been home, I’ve taken up a new project with my mom–gardening! We used to have a garden by the entrance of my yard when I was a kid, but we kind of lost track with maintaining it and helping it grow. This year, we finally decided to kick-start it back to life and plant some fresh blooms.


My flamingo friends are enjoying their newly lush surroundings

It was fun going to the store and picking out different colors and types of annuals and perennials to plant. Me and my mom both agreed that we wanted peonies and lots of them, so we got a bunch of those. We also picked up some gerber daisies, lupine, bachelor buttons, magnolias, lilies, and zinnias. We played musical chairs with their position until we thought we had a good hight/color ratio, and then we planted them in the ground.


Gerber daisies are one of my favorite flowers, and we’ve got four different colors of them in the garden.

It’s only been two or so weeks since we planted them, but there’s already been a huge improvement and the blooms are really looking pretty. We  are loving that we can cut the daisies and the peonies and make our own arrangements in the house! It makes for fun and colorful bouquets!


Some of the spoils of our hard work!

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