30 before 30

Original post here.


1. Get a “big girl” job.

2. Get my license.

3. Meet a player from every major Boston sports team (Red Sox, Bruins,Patriots, Celtics).

4. Go to a FIS World Cup race.

5. Sail in a sailboat.

6. Travel to all of the 50 states (18+DC down, 32 to go!).

7. Move into my own place.

8. Adopt a hedgehog.

9. Learn a new-to-me skill.

10. Ski in the Alps.

11. See a Broadway show.

12. Do karaoke.

13. Brew my own beer.

14. Try every flavor of ice cream at Meadowlands. (menu)

15. Ride in a hot air balloon.

16. Join a book club.

17. Get married.

18. Run a marathon.

19. Become a mentor to someone.

20. Stay on an island somewhere.

21. Visit every beach on Cape Cod.

22. Read 100+ books. (progress here)

23. Master a second language.

24. Visit Rome.

25. Pay off my student loans.

26. Wear high heels every day for a week.

27. Grow a vegetable or fruit and use it in a recipe.

28. Take a just-for-fun class.

29. Submit a postsecret.

30. Go on a road trip.

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