Hat & Drink #photoadayjune

On Tuesday, I wrote about how I’m jumping back into the photo-a-day challenge! Wednesday’s theme was “hat” and today’s theme was “drink”. I posted both photos to instagram, and here they are below:

This is my brother, Walter, in his Red Sox hat. Fun fact: we were in the new Jeep, riding around with the top down!

I’m already working on my third cup this morning! Yikes!

Aaaand, as a bonus, here’s a shot of me and my adorable dog, Maddy, hanging out in the Jeep yesterday. We love it! It’s such a fun car and we can’t wait to ride around in the sunshine with the top down this summer!!

Do you guys use Instagram? Are you taking part in any of the photo a day challenges? Leave your usernames in the comments!

xoxo, Karoline


Five: sign #photoadayjune

So Fat Mum Slim has kept rolling out the great photo-a-day challenges, and I’ve been dying to participate again. I know I’m a little late on June, but I figured I could still jump in because it’s the beginning of the month. Today’s theme was sign. Instead of a road sign or a sign on a building, I chose to take a picture of sign language.

I took a sign language course at school last year, and after I graduate I plan on going to community college to get a degree in interpretation. I think it’s a beautiful language and I’m so eager to learn.

This means “I love you” in sign language!

Are you participating in June’s photo a day challenge? Leave it in the comments!

xoxo, Karoline

The Driver’s License Chronicles (part 1)

My name is Karoline, and I don’t have a drivers license. Yes, I know that I’m a 20-year-old adult who should have one. Thing is, I’ve gotten along on public transportation and rides from family and friends for so long that it’s been possible to avoid getting one. However, this summer my family is making me get my license. Yeah, I’m a little scared, but it’s something I realize I have to do.

image via jeepcheap.com

My dad recently got a Jeep Wrangler, so added to my challenge of learning to drive is learning to drive a standard. Luckily, my boyfriend graciously and patiently gave me some lessons this past semester, so I’ve got a bit of a heads up on the whole “driving a stick-shift” thing. But, I am still unsure on when to switch gears and such. Not to mention learning all of the rules of the road. It’s definitely going to be a big learning curve.

image via ga.gov

First step on my journey to becoming a licensed driver? I have to get a learner’s permit. I originally got one a way long time ago when I turned 16, however it expired on my 18th birthday. So, I need to get a new one. From what I understand, the test to get a permit is harder now than it was four years ago. I’m going to need to study. Luckily, Massachusetts has the whole drivers manual online so I can learn everything I need to know before I go in for the test.

Wish me luck!

xoxo, Karoline

Instagram shots of the week!

Last week I put up a post with my favorite Instagram pictures from the week.  I think it’s something I’m going to start doing regularly since I like the way it turned out the 1st time.

I went to the Cape this week, and of course I went to the beach! These are some of the dunes on Mayflower Beach in Dennis.

This is the Judah Baker Windmill in Yarmouth. It’s this really cool old windmill that overlooks the water. My boyfriend was telling me that this is where he would go and bring his lunch when he was in high school.

Also from my trip to the Cape, this is the harbor in Harwichport. There’s this grassy area right on the side of the road, and from what I hear it’s one of the best views on the whole Cape!

This is a building that I saw in Brookline, MA and just had to stop and take a picture of it! I thought it was a beautiful building with interesting architecture. It must be so cool to live there!

Of course I had to document my mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies! She was making them on Saturday, and I couldn’t help but take a picture of them.  And the answer is yes…they do ease just as good as they look!

Are you as obsessed with Instagram as I am? Leave your username in the comments! Mine is karolinez :)

xoxo, Karoline

Live Colorfully

I’ve been busy with finals and writing for SoxProspects and The Prep Crew, but I’m home for summer now and I’m bringing Quote of the Day back with a vengeance!

And what better way than to start with this quote from designer Kate Spade. I totally agree with her “live colorfully” philosophy. It’s a way to keep life interesting. Living colorfully adds spunk, spontaneity, and imagination into life. Decorating and dressing colorfully just make you feel good. In short, they’re just great guidelines to live by.

How do you live colorfully?

xoxo, Karoline

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