My Weekend Shenanigans!

I got my weekend started a little early on Friday afternoon when my godmother treated me to a manicure. It was a fun girl-date! After that I caught two trains down to Bridgewater and…


He’s not a fan of me taking his picture…

I got to see Matthew!!! We met up halfway between our homes at his apartment in Bridgewater. It was our first time seeing each other in a month, the last time either of us had been on campus since my graduation. We had a nice and just overall relaxing weekend together, and it was just what I needed. We really missed each other and it was so great to just be goofy together and enjoy our time together.


he’s really not a fan.

On Friday night, we saw Man of Steel, and it was awesome. I definitely recommend it! {Side note: I’ve come up with a superhero theory. I’m really glad that we live in a world without superheroes because it seems that in the movies with superheroes whole cities are always getting destroyed, and there’s a lot more destruction than normal.}

Saturday was really nice. We slept in, made lunch, and then just relaxed and watched For the Love of the Game, one of our favorite movies. In the evening we took a walk around campus to see what had changed. Our consensus was that the new park turned out really nice but that the new dorm is really ugly.


The new park looks so pretty. I’m actually really sad that I wasn’t able to enjoy it as a student.


Finally, he cooperates!

That night we stayed in and watched the Bruins and drank beers. I thought the B’s looked beyond sluggish in the first period, but they thankfully got their act together in the 3rd and the first overtime period. We went nuts when Paille scored the game winner! On to game three…this is turning into one heck of a series!


beer is always better in a frosty mug!

Sunday was sad, because that means goodbye again, but we’ll see each other at some point in July. We went out to breakfast in town and then parted ways to spend time with our dads for Father’s Day. When I got back home, my dad was on the grill cooking up steak tips and chicken. It was delicious!

How was your weekend? What shenanigans did you get into?

xoxo, Karoline

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You’re gonna make it after all!


It’s so hard to believe that almost a month ago I graduated college. Like, I’m not a college student anymore, now I’m an alumna. INSANE. I’ll tell you what, though, I’m really excited for post-grad life. My job search is going a lot better than I thought it would be going this early in the summer, and I’m optimistic that I’ll be a real adult in the working world sometime soon. Such a crazy/exciting concept!

The actual day of graduation was such a blur of excitement. My wonderful family came to Bridgewater from all over the country–Colorado, Vermont, Florida–just to help me celebrate. I was surrounded by my loving parents, brothers, sister, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and boyfriend. It was so great. I also loved seeing the excitement on the faces of all the graduates. Everyone looked so happy to be walking across the stage. I know I was!

Of course, graduation took on a somber tone, with lessons from the Marathon Bombings shaping the speech from our University’s president, Dr. Dana Mohler-Faria. If there’s one thing I’ll take with me from graduation day, it will be to “run toward the blast” and help others no matter what obstacles spring up along the way. To show courage in everything I do.

Click through to see some of my favorite pictures from the day, enjoy!


Spring happenings!


Spring has been crazy! I’ve had so many classes,  and been so busy! Thankfully they’re all wrapping up and in a week in a half I’ll have graduated! Madness, I know. I still have mixed feelings about graduation, but I am also beyond excited to forge my own path, wherever it takes me.

Anyway, I’ve been doing some pretty fun stuff this spring, and I wanted to share some of my favorite Instagram shots from the last month or so! Here’s a description from top to bottom:

  • The building in the top picture is of Boyden Hall, the flagship building on BSU’s campus. I was walking home from work the other week and I thought that the building looked especially pretty all lit up.
  • Spring finally “sprung” and we’ve had pretty blooms on the ground and in trees.
  • Matthew and I went to my Senior Ball back in April. It was a fun night for BSU seniors to enjoy dinner and dancing with other people in our class. I had a blast catching up with friends and dancing my butt off, but it definitely left me wishing that Bridgewater has a “senior week” where we all could just celebrate together.
  • Last Thursday, my younger sister, Hannah came to visit!! There was a big end of the year party, so I invited her down to have fun! We had a blast, and I can’t wait to get back home and hang out with her.
  • A few weeks back, Matt and I unleashed out culinary sides and made salmon and Brussels sprouts for dinner. It was SO yummy! Brussels sprouts are something that I was only recently introduced to, but I’ve fallen in love. I can’t wait to find more ways to cook them up.
  • Finally, the weather here in Massachusetts has been beyond gorgeous for at least the last month. I know New York and other parts of the country have had trouble with it being chilly and the sun not really coming out, but that absolutely hasn’t been the case here! There’s been so much sunshine and warmth. Naturally, that means it’s the time of the year to sit out on the quad and do homework (one of the things I’m really going to miss about college).

What have you been up to this spring? Any fun activities?

Some Instagram shots from the week

As readers of this blog and my twitter followers know, I’m downright obsessed with Instagram. I love the app because it lets me customize and get artsy with my iPhone pictures. It makes me feel like a photographer. This week I took a few pictures that I thought came out pretty cool.

I noticed this marker on the sidewalk in Bridgewater and had to stop to take a picture of it. I thought it was an interesting thing to find while I was on my walk around town center. I think it’s so cool that Bridgewater was founded as a town only 36 years after the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth.

This next picture is of Boyden Hall, the big landmark building on the BSU campus. I really liked the way the light was coming through the trees and the Boyden facade in the background. It was such a gorgeous evening on Sunday when I went for a walk.

This picture was also from my walk on Sunday. Once again, I liked the way the light was coming through the trees and I really liked the old-timey feel of the West Campus light post. I love the definition of the branches in this photo!

This last picture is from Thursday when I visited my dad at his office. I am of the opinion that he has the best view of Merrimack Street and downtown Lowell. This is what he gets to look at every day! Pretty cool if you ask me.

Are any of you as obsessed with Instagram as I am? Share in the comments!

xoxo, Karoline

BSU Blogfest: Why I Blog.

This week is Bridgewater State University’s social media week!  It’s a week dedicated to getting students involved and connected with social media and also includes Blog Fest, where all of the bloggers on campus unite and write on a certain theme everyday.  Today’s prompt is “why blog?”

I have been blogging for around four years now, but I’ve been reading them for the better part of the last decade.  I’ve found blogs that relate to seriously any topic and that appeal to any demographic.  There are mommy blogs, self-help blogs, sex blogs, college blogs, pretentious fashion blogs, and gaming blogs.  It’s really not hard to find the niches people fit into on the internet.

If you’ve been reading my blog for even a little while, you know that I don’t really stick to a particular niche or theme.  My blog is basically about anything I’m into or up to at the current time.  It’s basically a snapshot of my life at the moment and a reflection of my interests.

Simply put, I blog because I like to write and take pictures.  It may not be the best reason, but it is a solid one.  I’ve alway been a fan of writing, and this is a way to display it on a forum that anyone can read.  I blog because it’s fun.  I’ve met wonderful friends and made some amazing connections through blogging: all of the girls that I write for The Prep Crew with, I met through blogging.  It’s awesome!

So, there really isn’t any reason for blogging that’s any better than the others.  As long as you have a reason that’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for anyone else.  Just express yourself :)

What are your reasons for blogging?? Leave them in the comments!

xoxo, Karoline

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