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The Driver’s License Chronicles (part 1)

My name is Karoline, and I don’t have a drivers license. Yes, I know that I’m a 20-year-old adult who should have one. Thing is, I’ve gotten along on public transportation and rides from family and friends for so long that it’s been possible to avoid getting one. However, this summer my family is making me get my license. Yeah, I’m a little scared, but it’s something I realize I have to do.

image via jeepcheap.com

My dad recently got a Jeep Wrangler, so added to my challenge of learning to drive is learning to drive a standard. Luckily, my boyfriend graciously and patiently gave me some lessons this past semester, so I’ve got a bit of a heads up on the whole “driving a stick-shift” thing. But, I am still unsure on when to switch gears and such. Not to mention learning all of the rules of the road. It’s definitely going to be a big learning curve.

image via ga.gov

First step on my journey to becoming a licensed driver? I have to get a learner’s permit. I originally got one a way long time ago when I turned 16, however it expired on my 18th birthday. So, I need to get a new one. From what I understand, the test to get a permit is harder now than it was four years ago. I’m going to need to study. Luckily, Massachusetts has the whole drivers manual online so I can learn everything I need to know before I go in for the test.

Wish me luck!

xoxo, Karoline

Try again.

Today’s quote is a reminder to never give up, and just try again when you don’t succeed in something right away.  I will be taking this one to heart today, because I’m having my first driving lesson in four years.  Yes, you read that correctly…driving lesson…as in I can’t drive.  I tried a couple of times in high school right after I turned 16, but gave up when I realized that I really don’t like driving.  However, my friends and family are really urging me to get a license now, so tonight one of my friends is giving me my first lesson in a loooong time.  It should be interesting to say the least!

Today’s happiness: I’m going out for sushi for dinner tonight! Also, it’s in the 50’s and sunny! Flip-flop weather!

On my mind: I’m trying to not freak out too much about driving…it’s a standard, too.

What are some things you’ve re-tried after a long break?

xoxo, Karoline

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