I’m back from vacation!

I’m back! I was without internet and couldn’t post for the last two weeks because I was with my family on the beautiful Maine coast, my favorite place in the world! We had a relaxing two weeks on the beach, although the weather was foggy and miserable pretty much our whole first week there. Luckily, during the second week the sun came out and it was hot. Just the way I like it. Below are a bunch of pictures I took on our trip!

I enjoyed watching the natural wildlife in our cove, including ducks (and super adorable ducklings!!), seals, and gorgeous herons!

DSC_0548 DSC_0535 DSC_0988

For much of the first week, we had nasty fog. But it was still good for practicing golf swings and going for sea glass walks…




Christine came up for a few days!! We went into Kennebunkport for shopping and lunch on one of her days up.



Our friend Katie also came up twice. The first time, she brought her dog, Faith, who just happens to be Maddy‘s mom!




My sister, Hannah, rocked it on guitar both at an open mic night and a campfire!



Katie, my brother, Tom, and I had a blast playing with sparklers!!



Sunsets were appreciated…




Inukshuks were built on the seawall…this is just a sampling, we basically built a whole village. My favorite was Katie’s giraffe that she made!




Lobster was eaten!



And an all-around awesome time was had by all. It was yet another amazing summer vacation at the beach. So perfect.









And now, back to the real world! More work, more applying to jobs, and more seeing friends. Oh, and more blogging :) I missed this over the last two weeks and I’m really excited to post again!



Complete This Sentence–Summer is a Great Time To….

Now that I’m back from vacation, I’ve got to come up with different things to do at home. So, in spirit of the season, I’ve completed the sentence “Summer is a great time to…” with as many possibilities as I could think of!


Summer is a great time to…slack off!

Summer is a great time to…take advantage of all your free time so you can finally check things off of your reading list.

Summer is a great time to…go to the beach!

Summer is a great time to…be nostalgic of your summer vacations as a kid.

Summer is a great time to…eat popsicles and fudgicles.

Summer is a great time to…watch some baseball! Tonight is the MLB All Star game, so you’ve got no excuses.

Summer is a great time to…go on a random roadtrip.

Summer is a great time to…visit with friends you haven’t seen since high school (or just in a really, really long time).

Summer is a great time to…declare that you’re living pants-free for the next few months–shorts, dresses, and skirts are all ok, but no pants!

Summer is a great time to…run through the sprinkler

Summer is a great time to…eat ice cream as much as you want (the calories don’t count when it’s 90°+)!

Summer is a great time to…let your bathing suit collection grow.

Summer is a great time to…run through the sprinkler.

Summer is a great time to…have a bonfire!

Summer is a great time to…wear all the brightest things in your closet…at the same time. Hellooo, have you been introduced to my friend Lilly Pulitzer?

Summer is a great time to…go pool hopping.

Summer is a great time to…live in flip-flops and sandals.

Summer is a great time to…eat lobster, fried clams, fish…any seafood, really.

Summer is a great time to…stay up as late as possible with all your best friends.

Summer is a great time to…eat s’mores!!!!

Summer is a great time to…go to an outdoor concert! (my mom and I are going to see K.C. & the Sunshine Band in August!)

See? There’s so many fun things you can get done during the summer.

Have anything to add to the list?

Xoxo, Karoline

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