I’m back from vacation!

I’m back! I was without internet and couldn’t post for the last two weeks because I was with my family on the beautiful Maine coast, my favorite place in the world! We had a relaxing two weeks on the beach, although the weather was foggy and miserable pretty much our whole first week there. Luckily, during the second week the sun came out and it was hot. Just the way I like it. Below are a bunch of pictures I took on our trip!

I enjoyed watching the natural wildlife in our cove, including ducks (and super adorable ducklings!!), seals, and gorgeous herons!

DSC_0548 DSC_0535 DSC_0988

For much of the first week, we had nasty fog. But it was still good for practicing golf swings and going for sea glass walks…




Christine came up for a few days!! We went into Kennebunkport for shopping and lunch on one of her days up.



Our friend Katie also came up twice. The first time, she brought her dog, Faith, who just happens to be Maddy‘s mom!




My sister, Hannah, rocked it on guitar both at an open mic night and a campfire!



Katie, my brother, Tom, and I had a blast playing with sparklers!!



Sunsets were appreciated…




Inukshuks were built on the seawall…this is just a sampling, we basically built a whole village. My favorite was Katie’s giraffe that she made!




Lobster was eaten!



And an all-around awesome time was had by all. It was yet another amazing summer vacation at the beach. So perfect.









And now, back to the real world! More work, more applying to jobs, and more seeing friends. Oh, and more blogging :) I missed this over the last two weeks and I’m really excited to post again!



Some pictures from the last couple weeks!

I spent the last few weeks on vacation in Maine with my family. It’s a fun place where simplicity reigns supreme and where there’s no TV, lots of books are read, boardgames are played, and days are spent out in the sun. As always, we had a blast! If I could make one recommendation for everyone, it would be that they all take a vacation in Maine. It really is wonderful.

I took a bunch of pictures on my phone during out two weeks there and I thought it would be fun to share them here!

This is the beach where we stay. I swear it’s heaven.

I got to see two gorgeous sunrises!

Matt came to visit! And helped me babysit :)

It was fun playing with my photo booth app with Abi and Matt!

And we even got to see a double rainbow over the beach!

It was so much fun playing in the sand and sun for the last two weeks! I miss it, but I’ll be back again eventually!

xoxo, Karoline

Bye Bye, Beach House

My favorite place on Earth is the house my family stays at in Maine. I’m not too big on goodbyes to begin with, so having to say goodbye to Maine and our beach every summer is especially hard. It’s a special place and everyone here shares a special bond with both the beach and the house.

Simply heaven.

Saying bye to the beach is a long process. There’s packing up all the bags…making sure we leave with everything we came with. Then there’s tidying up the house…sweeping, dusting, cleaning. There’s the goodbyes we have to say to our beach friends.

And finally, there’s the goodbye to the beach. Everyone heads down from the lawn and onto the sand one last time, climbing on all the rocks, inspecting the tide pools, coming the stretch of sand one last time for sea glass and cool looking rocks and shells. What I like to do last is dip my feet in the Atlantic one last time. I know that leaving Maine isn’t going to be the last time I’ll see the ocean this summer, but it’s the last time I’ll see it here. It’s definitely sad.

These are exactly the things I’ll be doing today. My family and I have been on vacation here in Maine for the last few weeks, and we’re finally headed home. I don’t want to say goodbye, but I’ve packed up a bunch of good memories to last me through the winter.

Do you have a place that’s particularly hard to say goodbye to? Is there a specific place that defines summer for you?

xoxo, Karoline

A good book and the beach…what more could a girl need?


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