I love a good blizzard!

Nemo is wearing a Kate Spade hat.

Nemo is wearing a Kate Spade hat.

Well, “Nemo” definitely found his way to New England [side note: I’m not really sure how I feel about naming blizzards, but I am definitely riding this Nemo wave]. I was planning on coming home for the weekend anyway, so when BSU gave us a snow day yesterday, my dad came down in the morning to pick me up. Here in the Merrimack Valley we got an average of 2 feet of the white stuff. Some places got more, some got less.

I think I made the right call in deciding to weather the storm at home with my family rather that stick it out in the dorms. Bridgewater State lost power last night, and according to what I can tell from friends and Twitter, it’s still not on. Also, I hear that they’re running out of food in the dining halls? That’s definitely not good.

On the other hand, my house is toasty warm and we haven’t lost power once. Yesterday and today have been spent curled up next to the fire, watching movies and consuming copious amounts of junk food with my mom. Blizzard, schmizzard…we’re in heaven! Meanwhile, the menfolk were sent outside to snowblow us out of this mess. I am definitely grateful for that!

Below, I’ve put together some pictures that my mom took of my sister trying to walk our dog, Madison, earlier. Whenever the weather gets bad, the show dog in Maddy comes out. God forbid snow mess up her hair or she smell like wet dog. The snow was over Madison’s head, so Hannah had to actually carry her around!


Were you hit by the storm? How much snow did you get? Do you still have power? Leave it in the comments!

xoxo, Karoline


Exclusive Interview with Patriots’ QB, Brian Hoyer

On July 15th, the Lowell Spinners celebrated New England Patriots night at the ballpark. They had two Patriots players, kicker Stephen Gostkowski and quarterback Brian Hoyer there to kick and throw autographed footballs in the stands.

Brian Hoyer and Stephen Gostowski throwing out the 1st pitch.

Hoyer was nice enough to agree to an interview with me. Remember how I said I had a surprise for you all? This is it! My exclusive interview with Brian Hoyer, quarterback for the New England Patriots.

Karoline Zacharer: Unless the NFL really does come to an agreement next week, you’ll be starting the season off with a lockout. What are the attitudes of you and your teammates heading into it?

Brian Hoyer: We’re just hoping that something gets done and just making sure we’re prepared, and that any moment they tell us, you know, the lockout’s over that we can get ready to go back and get into things.

KZ: So, you guys are all practicing and getting ready none the less?

BH: People are kind of all over the place, they’re kinda working on their own, there’s not much practicing going on. But, you know, a few guys are up here so I’m able to throw with some of those guys; and obviously just workout running, lifting, all that stuff.

KZ: Brian, you’re currently the back-up quarterback for Tom Brady, what’s it like working so closely with such a legend?

BH: It’s great. I’ve learned a lot from the last two years and I can learn a lot just by watching him. He’s very approachable any time I have a question, I don’t hesitate to ask. And we also have a very good quarterback coach in Bill O’Brien, too, so between those two I[‘ve] learned a tremendous amount about football.

KZ: You just finished your second year in the Pat’s organization after being drafted in 2009, do you like playing in New England?

BH: I love it. I don’t think I could have come to a better place. You just mentioned playing behind Tom, I learn from him, Coach Belichik. Growing up in Cleveland, he was coaching there so it’s kinda surreal for me to now play for him. But, you know, I couldn’t ask for a better situation.

KZ: And I mean, you do say all of that, but could you see yourself moving to a different team where you may get more playing time? Kind of like Matt Cassel’s move to the Chiefs?

BH: Obviously every athlete wants to be “the guy” and to play, so you know, whatever happens, happens. I’m just here to do my job, and that’s to be ready at a moment’s notice and, you know, learn in the process and we’ll see what happens.

Brian also stopped for a photo-op with me!

Overall, it was a great night. Hoyer was very gracious, and was completely comfortable answering the questions I threw at him. I see big things for his future, and I wish him the best of luck! Also, like all the other football fans out there, I’m keeping my fingers tightly crossed that there won’t be a lockout!

xoxo, Karoline

Things to Love About Summer: Ice Cream

Here’s your interesting trivia fact for the day: New Englanders consume more ice cream per capita than any other region in the United States. And still Massachusetts is the third thinnest state in the union…impressive, no?


It’s pretty safe to say that growing up here, I’ve been spoiled with good ice cream my whole life. And I don’t mean the Ben and Jerry’s or Haagen Däz that can be bought at the supermarket. I’m talking the local dairies and ice cream shops that are present in almost every New England town…and they’re incredible.

You might be asking yourself how a region of six states that collectively make up a very small part of America’s geography can out-eat the rest of the nation in frozen goodness–especially when we have such harsh winters. It perplexes me too.

However, I think the answer really lies in the dairies and the homemade ice cream. Because there’s so many of them, it’s a convenient (and often affordable) treat. Also, it could have something to do with the stifling humidity we have to endure May through September, but then again we eat ice cream in the winter, too.

I took a trip out to the Midwest one summer, and was really confused that they’re really not big ice cream people. Instead, they eat frozen custard, something I’m not really sure of what it is, but am pretty certain has something to do with frozen yogurt?

Anyway, my love affair with ice cream started early, with frequent trips to our local ice cream stand, Meadowlands, as a kid. Some of my earliest memories are of my parents and grandfather teaching me how to properly lick a cone so that it doesn’t drip. To this day, ice cream is easily my favorite food, with sushi and my mom’s chocolate chip cookies as a close second and third.

My all-time favorite flavor is coffee heathbar, with black raspberry, Oreo, and butter pecan making occasional appearances in my order. I’ve tried so many different flavors, but those are the lasting favorites that I’ll almost always stick to.

What’s your favorite flavor?

Xoxo, Karoline

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