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My best friend’s birthday!

Yesterday I helped my best friend, Christine, celebrate her 22nd birthday. We went to the beach (after the pouring rain all afternoon) and then went back to Lowell for dinner and drinks. It was a blast! Birthdays are always fun, but just spending the day goofing off and hanging out with good friends made it that much more fun.


Me, the birthday girl, and Jess!


There were a few no-music dance parties


We found a beach ball to play with.


Before we realized that the water wasn’t actually that cold, Christine tried to drag Jess in.

Silly faces were made.


Jess and I may or may not have pretended to get married, complete with seaweed bouquet….

DSC_0486 - Version 2

At dinner, we split beer samples and tried 12 different brews…yum!

DSC_0500 - Version 2

The girls! Me, Aly, Christine, and Jess!

Over all it was such an awesome day, and I’m so glad that I got to help Christine celebrate feelin’ twenty-two (I had to make a T-Swift reference sometime, didn’t I?). I can’t wait for more (sunnier) beach days this summer!

xoxo, Karoline


You’re gonna make it after all!


It’s so hard to believe that almost a month ago I graduated college. Like, I’m not a college student anymore, now I’m an alumna. INSANE. I’ll tell you what, though, I’m really excited for post-grad life. My job search is going a lot better than I thought it would be going this early in the summer, and I’m optimistic that I’ll be a real adult in the working world sometime soon. Such a crazy/exciting concept!

The actual day of graduation was such a blur of excitement. My wonderful family came to Bridgewater from all over the country–Colorado, Vermont, Florida–just to help me celebrate. I was surrounded by my loving parents, brothers, sister, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and boyfriend. It was so great. I also loved seeing the excitement on the faces of all the graduates. Everyone looked so happy to be walking across the stage. I know I was!

Of course, graduation took on a somber tone, with lessons from the Marathon Bombings shaping the speech from our University’s president, Dr. Dana Mohler-Faria. If there’s one thing I’ll take with me from graduation day, it will be to “run toward the blast” and help others no matter what obstacles spring up along the way. To show courage in everything I do.

Click through to see some of my favorite pictures from the day, enjoy!


A new project: gardening with my mom


In the weeks since I’ve been home, I’ve taken up a new project with my mom–gardening! We used to have a garden by the entrance of my yard when I was a kid, but we kind of lost track with maintaining it and helping it grow. This year, we finally decided to kick-start it back to life and plant some fresh blooms.


My flamingo friends are enjoying their newly lush surroundings

It was fun going to the store and picking out different colors and types of annuals and perennials to plant. Me and my mom both agreed that we wanted peonies and lots of them, so we got a bunch of those. We also picked up some gerber daisies, lupine, bachelor buttons, magnolias, lilies, and zinnias. We played musical chairs with their position until we thought we had a good hight/color ratio, and then we planted them in the ground.


Gerber daisies are one of my favorite flowers, and we’ve got four different colors of them in the garden.

It’s only been two or so weeks since we planted them, but there’s already been a huge improvement and the blooms are really looking pretty. We  are loving that we can cut the daisies and the peonies and make our own arrangements in the house! It makes for fun and colorful bouquets!


Some of the spoils of our hard work!

The last few days



I have been spending the last few days at home, chilling with my family and relaxing. The combination of winter break and Christmastime has been great!

I’ve loved spending time with my dog, Maddy! I miss her so much when I go to school, and it’s great to get some puppy time in.

My sister played a show the other day at Brew’d Awakening, a coffee shop in Lowell, and she is a total rockstar! Check her out here on Youtube playing her original “Love Lied”…it’s amazing!

What have you been up to lately?

xoxo, Karoline

Hat & Drink #photoadayjune

On Tuesday, I wrote about how I’m jumping back into the photo-a-day challenge! Wednesday’s theme was “hat” and today’s theme was “drink”. I posted both photos to instagram, and here they are below:

This is my brother, Walter, in his Red Sox hat. Fun fact: we were in the new Jeep, riding around with the top down!

I’m already working on my third cup this morning! Yikes!

Aaaand, as a bonus, here’s a shot of me and my adorable dog, Maddy, hanging out in the Jeep yesterday. We love it! It’s such a fun car and we can’t wait to ride around in the sunshine with the top down this summer!!

Do you guys use Instagram? Are you taking part in any of the photo a day challenges? Leave your usernames in the comments!

xoxo, Karoline

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