I voted! And other weekend shenanigans.

Overall, I had an uneventful but fun and (mostly) relaxing weekend. Friday was spent watching golf and baseball, on Saturday I voted early in the Massachusetts senate election and went to work, and Sunday meant a grad party and errands with my madre. It was a great kick off to summer!

Friday afternoon, my mom and I watched day two of The Cities, Lowell’s annual golf tournament between the three local golf clubs. We hung out on the lawn at our local course and had a great time hanging out on the lawn, talking to friends, and watching the golfers come in for the 18th hole! Also…I had a drink with a movie star!

DSC_0510 (1)


Our view…isn’t it pretty?!

DSC_0507 - Version 2

It was fun watching the golfers come in!

Later that night, me and my dad went to the Spinners. It was the perfect night to watch a ball game and the Spinners ended up winning 4-0 while the pitchers combined for a 2-hitter. It was a great way to re-introduce myself to the ballpark as a fan!


We’ve been enjoying driving with the top down and the doors off the Jeep!


View from our seats at the game!

Then on Saturday, my family went to early voting for the MA senate race. It was my brother Tom’s first time voting in something that isn’t a primary, so that was a cool experience for him. I really love voting, I don’t care if it’s just a local election or for president, I just love getting out there and making sure my voice is heard.


Tom after voting.


Doing our civic duty!

After that, we went over to the Library so I can get cracking on that 100 books for my 30 before 30. I ended up getting Girls in White Dresses on the recommendation of Katie, a collection of funny little short stories called The Last Girlfriend on Earth, and a book on modern feminism called The End of Men: And the Rise of Women. The latter selection I think was heavily influenced on the feminist bent I took with my courses in my last semester at school. Just because I graduated doesn’t mean I have to leave the academic reading behind, right? If any of you have read these books yet, please don’t hesitate to let me know what you thought in the comments!


Oh, and I also bought that really creepy awesome Brad Marchand head at Target, and I can’t wait to figure out fun things to do with it. Like scare people. And bring it to the bar to watch game six of The Cup. Or sneak it into group photos…stay tuned!

How did you spend your weekend?


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My Weekend Shenanigans!

I got my weekend started a little early on Friday afternoon when my godmother treated me to a manicure. It was a fun girl-date! After that I caught two trains down to Bridgewater and…


He’s not a fan of me taking his picture…

I got to see Matthew!!! We met up halfway between our homes at his apartment in Bridgewater. It was our first time seeing each other in a month, the last time either of us had been on campus since my graduation. We had a nice and just overall relaxing weekend together, and it was just what I needed. We really missed each other and it was so great to just be goofy together and enjoy our time together.


he’s really not a fan.

On Friday night, we saw Man of Steel, and it was awesome. I definitely recommend it! {Side note: I’ve come up with a superhero theory. I’m really glad that we live in a world without superheroes because it seems that in the movies with superheroes whole cities are always getting destroyed, and there’s a lot more destruction than normal.}

Saturday was really nice. We slept in, made lunch, and then just relaxed and watched For the Love of the Game, one of our favorite movies. In the evening we took a walk around campus to see what had changed. Our consensus was that the new park turned out really nice but that the new dorm is really ugly.


The new park looks so pretty. I’m actually really sad that I wasn’t able to enjoy it as a student.


Finally, he cooperates!

That night we stayed in and watched the Bruins and drank beers. I thought the B’s looked beyond sluggish in the first period, but they thankfully got their act together in the 3rd and the first overtime period. We went nuts when Paille scored the game winner! On to game three…this is turning into one heck of a series!


beer is always better in a frosty mug!

Sunday was sad, because that means goodbye again, but we’ll see each other at some point in July. We went out to breakfast in town and then parted ways to spend time with our dads for Father’s Day. When I got back home, my dad was on the grill cooking up steak tips and chicken. It was delicious!

How was your weekend? What shenanigans did you get into?

xoxo, Karoline

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Cape Cod weekend.

Man, oh, man have I been slacking!  I’m so sorry!! I haven’t been doing quotes, photos of the day, and I totally slacked on Blogfest.  Not good.  But, today I have some pictures to share with you :)

I originally posted these on The Prep Crew this morning, but I figured that it would go nicely on here too:

Hello everyone! I spent this past weekend exploring one of the preppiest vacation spots: Cape Cod.  Despite being from MA, I’d never been before, so it was fun to see all the beaches and cute little towns.  It’s so picturesque!  I’m officially jealous of all of my friends that get to live down there year-round.

I got to walk the beach in March, explore the cute shops of Provincetown, and marvel at all the adorable shingle cottages.  It was a marvelous weekend.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

xoxo, Karoline

A house without books.

The quote I chose for today is, in my opinion, an absolutely true statement.  People need to read, learn, and get lost in the world of books.  It’s good for the soul.  This quote is by educator Horace Mann, who founded Bridgewater Normal School in 1840.  Today, it’s Bridgewater State University, the school I go to!  Anyway, I highly suggest taking Horace’s advice and curling up with a book this long weekend.

Today’s happiness: It’s a long weekend! I’m heading home! Also, ski team dinner tonight!

On my mind: my brother Tom has a job interview today…I’m sending him lots of good thoughts!

Got any suggestions for good books?  I know you do!

xoxo, Karoline

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